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Lynd Decision Upholds Longstanding Canons of Policy Construction Favoring Insureds
by Tae Andrews

Casenote: RSUI Indem. Co. v. Lynd Co (Tex. May 8, 2015).

A recent Supreme Court of Texas decision reemphasized well-established rules of insurance policy interpretation that benefit policyholders. In 2005, the Lynd Company purchased two layers of insurance to cover various properties. Westchester Fire Insurance Company provided primary coverage up to $20 million per occurrence.  RSUI Indemnity Company provided excess coverage for losses exceeding $20 million, up to $480 million per occurrence. 

One such “occurrence”—Hurricane Rita—struck in September 2005.  The storm damaged fifteen of Lynd’s properties. The parties agreed that a single “occurrence” caused all of the damage and that Lynd’s losses totaled just over $24.5 million.  After Westchester paid its $20 million limit, RSUI refused to pay the remaining $4.5 million and instead paid Lynd $750,000. 

RSUI cited the excess policy’s “Scheduled Limit of Liability” endorsement as the basis for its denial of coverage. Lynd sued RSUI to recover the difference between its $24.5 million in losses and the $20,750,000 Westchester and RSUI paid out under the policies. As a result, the question of whether coverage existed under the excess policy depended on the interpretation of ...(Continue)

Recent Decisions
Fifth Circuit Certifies Question to Supreme Court of Texas regarding Chapter 541 of Texas Insurance Code  
In re Deepwater Horizon 5th Cir 11/23/15—
Fifth Circuit seeks guidance as to whether an independent injury is needed to maintain a cause of action when the insurer wrongfully withheld policy benefits
District Court Grants Motion to Compel Appraisal and Stay Lawsuit  
SPJST Lodge v. Century Surety Co. ND Tx 11/23/15—
Court finds that 10-day delay in demanding appraisal does not constitute waiver of the right to appraisal
District Court Dismisses Fraud and Bad Faith Claims against Insurer, Denies Motion regarding Contract Claims  
MSA Insurance Co. v. Shaun Kulcak dba Titan Test Pumps SD Tx 11/19/15—
Court grants insurer's 12(b)(6) motion in part based on insufficient pleadings by insured, lack of duty of good faith in third-party liability context
District Court Remands Case to State Court for Lack of Diversity  
Royal Architectural Products Ltd. v. Acadia Insurance Co. ND Tx 11/19/15—
Court finds sufficient allegations to establish a reasonable basis of recovery against non-diverse adjusters
Court Finds No Additional Insured Coverage for Owner in Well Blowout Case  
Miramar Petroleum, Inc. v. The First Liberty Insurance Corp. SD Tx 11/18/15—
Court rules that additional insured coverage was limited by terms of parties' indemnity agreement
Court Refuses to Hear Interlocutory Appeal arising out of an Appraisal Dispute  
Brooks-Brown v. USAA Texas Lloyd's Co. Tx 3-Austin 11/17/15—
The propriety of an injunction pending completion of appraisal became moot once the appraisal was completed.
"Eight Corners" Rule Does Not Apply When Determining if an Interrelated Claims Provision Creates Coverage for Insured Under a D&O Policy  
Burks v. XL Specialty Insurance Co. Tx 14-Houston 11/10/15—
Appellate court rules that a D&O insurer has a duty to advance defense costs when the complaint seeks disgorgement
Illinois Appellate Court Applies Texas Law, Reverses Disallowance of Creditors' Claim in Liquidation  
In re Liquidation of Legion Indemnity Co. Other 11/10/15—
Court narrowly construes policy terms and finds that mold coverage was not barred
District Court Denies Motion to Remand  
Clark Restoration Consultants LP v. Columbia Mutual Insurance Co. ND Tx 11/10/15—
Court finds that agent was not improperly joined, insurer's heavy burden for remand not met
Fifth Circuit Affirms in Part, Finding Insured Cannot Double Recover under Flood and Wind Policies  
Pye v. Fidelity National Property and Casualty Insurance Co. 5th Cir 11/9/15—
Court partly reverses ruling in regard to award of personal property damages
More Recent Decisions
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