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Why Personal Injury Attorneys, Both Plaintiff And Defense, Should Read The U.C.C.
by Judith Ann Kostura

 On May 16, 2014, the Texas Supreme Court issued its opinion in McAllen Hosps., LP v. State Farm County Mut. Ins. Co., (Tex. 2014) No. 12-0983. The Court held that a release given to a liability insurer by an injured accident victim is invalid when that accident victim does not pay a hospital lien. The Court refused, however, to shed much light on the remedy available to the scorned hospital.

Two injured people, Jose Gil and Melinda Hernandez, settled with the tortfeasor, Carlos Benavidez, insured by State Farm, after a collision. Gil and Hernandez incurred hospital bills of $53,564 and $1,281, respectively, but settled for only $5,200 and $2,100. State Farm, aware of the hospital lien, named the injured plaintiff and McAllen Hospital on each of the settlement checks. The injured claimants endorsed and deposited the checks without obtaining the hospital’s endorsement and without paying the hospital bills. After the hospital was stiffed by each patient, the hospital sued State Farm to recover payment up to the amounts of the settlement checks; the carrier refused to pay again, arguing that it had already protected the hospital (and therefore itself) by naming the hospital as a payee.

The trial court sided with State Farm on summary judgment, which the appeals court affirmed, but the Supreme Court reversed and...(Continue)

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TDI Issues Bulletin Regarding Roofers and Insurance Adjusters
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Recent Decisions
Appellate Court Conditionally Grants Writ of Mandamus regarding Insurer's Plea to the Jurisdiction  
In re Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Tx 13- Corpus/Edbrg 9/25/14—
Petition regarding plea to the jurisdiction by insurer establishes trial court's abuse of discretion
Pollution Exclusion Negates Duty to Defend  
Federal Insurance Co. v. Northfield Insurance Co. SD Tx 9/22/14—
Insurer has no obligation to defend insured under a CGL policy with a pollution exclusion
Appellate Court Extends Coverage to Underlying Claimant under Gandy  
Great American Insurance Co. v. Hamel Tx 8-El Paso 9/19/14—
Actual trial in underlying lawsuit entitles third-party judgment creditor to coverage
Fifth Circuit Certifies Questions to the Supreme Court of Texas on Standard CGL Exclusions  
US Metals, Inc. v. Liberty Mutual Group, Inc. 5th Cir 9/19/14—
Questions regarding "your product" and "impaired property" exclusions certified to the Supreme Court of Texas
Initial Rejection of PIP and UM/UIM Coverage Remains Effective in Renewal  
Cain v. Progressive County Mutual Insurance Co. Tx 14-Houston 9/18/14—
Insurer not required to provide UM/UIM or PIP coverage under "renewal insurance policy"
Notice after Arbitration Award Equates to Prejudice; Agent Liability Claim Survives  
C.L. Thomas, Inc. v. Lexington Insurance Co. Tx 13- Corpus/Edbrg 9/11/14—
Lack of timely notice jeopardizes insured's coverage, but claim against agent survives for failure to advise of notice requirements
Independent Contractor Exclusion Upheld  
Preferred Contractors Insurance Co. v. Finnels 5th Cir 9/10/14—
CGL insurer escapes liability to independent contractor by application of an "Action Over Endorsement"
Insurer Fails to Properly Assert Claims against Fellow Insurer  
Sentry Select Insurance Co. v. Home State County Mutual Insurance Co. 5th Cir 9/9/14—
Insurer's delay in asserting claims against another insurer until after final judgment potentially costs it recovery of settlement
Insurer's Motion to Disqualify Counsel Fails  
In re Colony Insurance Co. Tx 5-Dallas 9/2/14—
Attorney's prior representation of insurer in coverage disputes does not preclude representation against insurer in unrelated matter
Vacancy Provision Upheld by Supreme Court of Texas  
Greene v. Farmers Insurance Exchange Tx Sup 8/29/14—
Supreme Court affirms appellate court's application of vacancy provision; Justices Boyd and Willett concur
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