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Why Personal Injury Attorneys, Both Plaintiff And Defense, Should Read The U.C.C.
by Judith Ann Kostura

 On May 16, 2014, the Texas Supreme Court issued its opinion in McAllen Hosps., LP v. State Farm County Mut. Ins. Co., (Tex. 2014) No. 12-0983. The Court held that a release given to a liability insurer by an injured accident victim is invalid when that accident victim does not pay a hospital lien. The Court refused, however, to shed much light on the remedy available to the scorned hospital.

Two injured people, Jose Gil and Melinda Hernandez, settled with the tortfeasor, Carlos Benavidez, insured by State Farm, after a collision. Gil and Hernandez incurred hospital bills of $53,564 and $1,281, respectively, but settled for only $5,200 and $2,100. State Farm, aware of the hospital lien, named the injured plaintiff and McAllen Hospital on each of the settlement checks. The injured claimants endorsed and deposited the checks without obtaining the hospital’s endorsement and without paying the hospital bills. After the hospital was stiffed by each patient, the hospital sued State Farm to recover payment up to the amounts of the settlement checks; the carrier refused to pay again, arguing that it had already protected the hospital (and therefore itself) by naming the hospital as a payee.

The trial court sided with State Farm on summary judgment, which the appeals court affirmed, but the Supreme Court reversed and...(Continue)

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TDI Announces Top 10 Insurance Fraud Cases of 2013
More than $10.3 million in insurance fraud was identified in criminal cases referred for prosecution by the TDI Fraud Unit in 2013.
TDI Issues Bulletin Regarding Roofers and Insurance Adjusters
TDI has issued a bulletin to insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and roofers, reminding them of prohibitions related to public insurance adjusters.
Rule Aims to Assist Injured Employees Seeking Lifetime Income Benefits
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Recent Decisions
Shooting Burglar not an "Accident," No Coverage for Homeowner in Subsequent Wrongful Death Suit  
Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters v. Graham Tx 6-Texarkana 12/5/14—
Insurer not obligated to defend homeowner that intentionally shot a would-be burglar
Life Insurer Rescinds Policies, Wins on Summary Judgment  
American General Life Insurance Co. v. Mancillas Tx 13- Corpus/Edbrg 11/20/14—
Life insurer prevails on appeal of summary judgment pertaining to offer to rescind life insurance policies
Broker Liability Case Goes Insured's Way  
Insurance Alliance v. Lake Texoma Highport, LLC Tx 5-Dallas 11/19/14—
Court finds broker liable for failing to obtain coverage requested by insured
Regularly Used Vehicle Precludes Recovery of UM / UIM Coverage  
Mata v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. Tx 4-San Antonio 11/19/14—
UM/UIM coverage does not exist where passengers were in an underinsured vehicle owned by the insured
Claim by Murdered Co-Worker's Family Excluded from Coverage  
Dewey Bellows Operating Co. v. Admiral Insurance Co. SD Tx 11/14/14—
"Assault and battery" exclusion applies to negate coverage for death of murdered co-worker
Appellate Court Awards Partial Benefits to Insured  
Texas Department of Insurance v. Jones Tx 5-Dallas 11/6/14—
Court finds insured entitled to partial supplemental income benefits
Coordination of Benefits Provision Controls ERISA Claim  
Hollingshead v. Aetna Health Inc. 5th Cir 11/4/14—
ERISA plan beneficiary failed to state claim where beneficiary failed to provide evidence of no-fault coverage to administrator
Stepmother has Insurable Interest in Deceased Sons  
Evans v. Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co. Tx 11-Eastland 10/31/14—
Life insurer properly paid benefits to stepmother of deceased stepsons
Supreme Court Resolves Discovery Dispute in Homeowner's Insurance Claim  
In re National Lloyds Insurance Co. Tx Sup 10/31/14—
Supreme Court finds that trial court abused its discretion in permitting discovery of evidence related to other claims
Contractual Liability Exclusion Inapplicable to Homeowner's Faulty Workmanship Lawsuit  
Crownover v. Mid-Continent Casualty Co. 5th Cir 10/29/14—
On rehearing, Fifth Circuit finds contractual liability exclusion inapplicable
More Recent Decisions
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