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No Public Policy Against Insurer Funding Settlements of Claims Seeking Disgorgement
by Nancy Randolph Kornegay

Casenote: Burks v. XL Specialty Insurance Co., 2015 WL 6949610, —S.W.3d—(Tex. App.—Houston [14th Dist.], Nov. 10, 2015).

                  There are not a lot of Texas appellate-court decisions on D&O coverage issues. This very recent decision could end up being quite significant. Burks and XL Specialty have since settled, so this is the final decision on the coverage issues involved.

Burks was the CFO of an energy company insured under a D&O policy issued by XL Specialty. The energy company ultimately reorganized through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  As part of that reorganization, the plan agent sought recovery from Burks of compensation, bonuses, and benefits transferred to him prior to the Chapter 11 reorganization. Burks requested defense expenses and coverage, which XL Specialty denied on the following bases: (1) the plan agent’s claim was brought outside the policy period and did not relate back to any prior claims made within the policy period; (2) XL had no duty to defend because the plan agent’s claim sought disgorgement, which was not covered under the policy’s “loss” definition; and (3) XL Specia...(Continue)

Recent Decisions
District Court Grants Property Insurer's Motion for Summary Judgment  
Dizdar v. State Farm Lloyds SD Tx 2/4/16—
Court grants property insurer's motion for summary judgment on contractual and extra-contractual claims following payment of the appraisal award.
Fifth Circuit Vacates District Court's Dismissal and Abstention Doctrine Rulings, Renders Judgment for Insurer  
National Casualty Co. v. Gonzalez 5th Cir 2/4/16—
Court finds that agent and broker are not "required" parties; undisputed lack of coverage under policy warrants judgment for insurer
District Court Denies Property Insurer's 12(b)(6) Motion  
Broxterman v. State Farm Lloyds ED Tx 2/2/16—
Court denies property insurer's motion to dismiss under Rule 12(b)(6) after finding insured stated a plausible claim for relief.
Fifth Circuit Reverse and Remands following Answers to Certified Questions from Supreme Court of Texas  
McGinnes Industrial Maintenance Corp. v. Phoenix Insurance Co. 5th Cir 2/2/16—
Supreme Court decision means further proceedings necessary on insurer's duty to defend.
District Court Denies Motion to Remand, Finding Improper Joinder of Adjuster  
Caravan Inn, LLC v. Acceptance Indemnity Insurance Co. ND Tx 1/28/16—
Court finds that insured failed to state a claim against adjuster sufficient to avoid Rule 12(b)(6) dismissal
Fifth Circuit Reverses Summary Judgment for Insurer, Remands Insured's Claims to District Court  
Ayoub v. Chubb Lloyds Insurance Co. 5th Cir 1/28/16—
Court finds insurer's policy interpretation unreasonable and that personal property has no "market value"
Appeallate Court Conditionally Grants Mandamus for State Farm  
In Re State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Tx 2-Ft Worth 1/26/16—
A Tarrant County Judge abused her discretion when she set aside a take nothing judgment in favor of State Farm and ordered a new trial for the UIM claimants.
Texas Supreme Court Grants Review of Workers' Comp Decision  
Texas Department of Insurance v. Jones Tx Sup 1/22/16—
The Texas Supreme Court will determine if an award of partial supplementary income benefits by a Dallas court violated the law and public policy.
Justices Deny Rehearing in PRP Defense Case  
McGinnes Industrial Maintenance Corp. v. Phoenix Insurance Co. Tx Sup 1/22/16—
The Texas Supreme Court has refused to reconsider their finding that a Potentially Responsible Party ("PRP") letter from the Environmental Protection Agency triggers a CGL carrier's duty to defend.
Court Denies Insured's Motion to Remand  
James v. Chubb Custom Insurance Co. SD Tx 1/21/16—
Court denies insured's motion to remand finding that the insured's claims against the non-diverse defendant broker was not a party to the policy and insured had not stated a reasonable basis to recover against the broker.
More Recent Decisions
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