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Stowers After Patterson: Same As It Ever Was?
by Matthew Steven Paradowski

In April 2015 an opinion issued by the First District Court of Appeals in Houston caught the rapt attention of liability insurers and insurance law practitioners in the State of Texas, as it appeared to fundamentally alter the Stowers duty—the sole common law duty owed by liability insurers to its insureds to accept a reasonable settlement demand within policy limits. The opinion, Patterson v. Home State County Mutual Insurance Company, spawned a wave of commentary and speculation as to its meaning and legitimacy.  01-12-00365-CV, 2014 WL 1676931 (Tex. App.—Houston [1st Dist.] Apr. 24, 2014), review denied (Sept. 11, 2015).

Some have some suggested that Patterson expressly narrows the application of Stowers to those demands which are not only reasonable and within policy limits, but which also offer to settle all claims, by all claimants, against all insureds.  Unless the significance of Patterson were in doubt, an Amicus Brief filed by the “Texas Policyholder Coverage Lawyers”—a virtual Who’s Who of prominent insurance plaintiffs’ lawyers—argued in support of overturning Patterson on appeal before the Texas Supreme Court. Amicus Brief o...(Continue)

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Texas Guaranty Association Has Standing to Seek Money Owed to Defunct Insurer  
California Insurance Guaranty Association v. Hill Brothers Transportation Co. Tx 3-Austin 5/19/16—
A Texas appellate court finds that the Texas and Oklahoma Guaranty Associations have standing to sue an insured for deductibles but the California Guaranty Association does not based on different statutory language.
Court Grants Professional Liability Insurer's Motion for Summary Judgment  
Southwest Risk, L.P. v. Ironshore Specialty Insurance Co. SD Tx 5/18/16—
Court determines claims against professional liability insured fell outside policy period.
Plaintiff Cannot Replead After Dismissal of Suit Against Workers' Compensation Division  
Texas Department of Insurance v. Brumfield Tx 4-San Antonio 5/18/16—
The court determined that an injured worker is not yet entitled to a review of an administrative panel finding that he was not a covered employee at the time of his injury
Court Denies Motion to Strike Insurer's Affirmative Defenses  
Frederick v. American Heritage Life Insurance Co. SD Tx 5/13/16—
Court finds affirmative defenses pleaded satisfied fair notice standard.
Workers' Comp Insurer Properly Ordered to Pay Additional Benefits  
Texas Mutual Insurance Co. v. McGahey Tx 4-San Antonio 5/11/16—
The Texas workers' compensation statute does not require an injured worker to seek impairment income benefits within 401 weeks of the date of injury.
Divided Court Finds in Favor of Insurer On Medical Payments Clause Dispute  
Auzenne v. Great Lakes Reinsurance, PLC Tx 14-Houston 5/10/16—
A third-party claimant cannot sue an insurer for failure to pay sums owed under the medical payments clause of a liability policy until the insured's liability is determined, even though the payment is owed regardless of the insured's fault.
Declaratory Judgment Action Against State Workers' Compensation Division Dismissed  
Texas Department of Insurance v. Green Tx 1-Houston 5/10/16—
An injured worker cannot seek declaratory relief from the Workers' Compensation Division of the Texas Insurance Department even if the Division has intervened in a pending action against the workers' compensation insurer.
District Court Properly Granted Insurer's Plea to the Jurisdiction  
Baldwin v. Zurich American Insurance Co. Tx 3-Austin 5/10/16—
The First Circuit Court of Appeals has joined the majority of Texas appellate courts in finding that the deadline to appeal a decision of the workers' compensation appeals panel goes to jurisdiction not merely to limitations.
Court Denies Insured's Motion to Remand  
Rudolph v. Nationwide General Insurance Co. SD Tx 5/8/16—
Court finds non-diverse adjuster was improperly joined.
Court Reverses Summary Judgment for Insurer and Remands to the Trial Court  
Halton v. American Risk Insurance Co. Tx 5-Dallas 5/5/16—
The appellate court finds that an insurer did not meet its burden of establishing that it had fully paid an appraisal award.
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